> Product Designer in LA
> Solving problems with feel-good + functional design
> Currently building a finance platform at ProducePay
Ooh lala, what have I been working on, you ask?
sending payments to growers
A big piece of the finance team’s daily operations involves preparing funds to be sent the growers. How might we enable the finance team to do their job efficiently?
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self-serve client portal
Brands can reach their ideal attendees through the Surkus members app. We needed to get clients through the event creation and approval funnel with less reliance on the support team.
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Siftery / g2 track
managing synced accounts
Siftery helps companies track software usage and spend across multiple financial accounts. I helped improve the Synced Accounts page to reduce user error.
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silversheet | techstars healthcare '16
medical credentialing website redesign
Silversheet automates the credentialing process for medical facilities and physicians. The site redesign includes the new suite of features and increased inbound leads.
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