Increasing Offer Conversions
Surkus • 2020 Q1 • 5 weeks
Product Designer 🙋, Product Manager, 4 Engineers
Surkus Offers allows users to purchase products from participating brands and get rewards in exchange for engagement via “redemption steps.” Steps may include providing proof of purchase or sharing the product on social media within a given period.
The Problem
Users opted in for Offers but were not completing the redemption steps on time or at all. Some purchased the product before they should have and didn’t get selected to participate. Overall, we  learned that the new Offers program was unfamiliar and confusing to users.
Business Impact
Each incompletion is a loss of revenue since Offers have limited participant spots and selected users are locked in until the end. They affect the bottom line and hurt client retention.

In addition, the increase in support tickets for late submissions and wrong purchases was stretching the Operations team and slowing resolutions.
Prepare Payments
We want our users to be aware of where they stand with an Offer and what they need to do so that they take action and get rewarded.

We want to ensure that users complete the redemption steps on time to maximize revenue and meet client expectations (increase conversion from 62% to 80%). We also want to decrease support tickets related to late redemption steps and wrongful purchases.
We looked at three sources to identify patterns and gaps: (1) Historical data (2) Internal team and (3) Offers users
The current state of instructions has poor readability
80% of survey participants found the instructions confusing
“It’s a lot of text so I sometimes skim”
Users were forgetting about the Offer after opt-in
68% of survey participants lost track of time
“Users were emailing the steps late because they forgot but didn’t want their scores hurt” —Operations
Users who purchase the product are incentivized to fully complete
92% of users who complete the first step will fully complete
18 hours average time to submit proof of purchase
Procrastination happens when there is a lack of urgency
72% of survey participants lost track of time
“I didn’t do it immediately because three days is a lot of time”
There's much more that goes on between research and hifi's. I'm happy to do a deep dive into my process upon request.
Easy-to-follow instructions
Contextually showing the redemption steps makes it easier to follow directions.
Reframing time to complete
Users can quickly see how much time they have to complete the step without calculating it themselves. We introduced logic that drops users from the Offer if they don’t submit proof of purchase within 18 hours (average time to submit) so that another user can participate.
Preventing purchases before user is selected
Product links are hidden from users pending selection to prevent them from purchasing.  It’s easier to see when to buy the product, instead of needing to scan for it.
Filling reminder gaps
We added time-based notifications and double-downed on messaging around Offers’ time requirements since it was a new concept to users.
New Flow
After delivering the changes, we saw the conversion rate rise from 62% to 82%. We passed our goal metric of 80% 🎉!

The improvements led to more users getting rewarded for trying products that they were interested. In addition, our clients were satisfied with higher completion numbers per campaign.

We also saw a significant drop in users purchasing the product before they were selected, which meant the Operations Team had more time to focus on their main tasks.