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Silversheet digitizes the medical credentialing process and automates a traditionally paper-reliant method. After several new features and services were released, the company's website needed to be updated and refreshed.
My Role
Research Syndication, Information Architecture, Wireframing, UI
6 Weeks

The Challenge

The original website was outdated and did not include key information about products and services that potential users needed to see. The lack of online representation also made it difficult to present supporting information to sales leads.

High-level Goals

  • Attract and convert qualified leads
  • Include new products
  • Explore branding

Understanding the User

To design a website that represents Silversheet and its products to convert visitors into new users, I needed to understand the user and the credentialing process together. I used the team's previous research and an on-site visit to gain a better understanding of who I'm designing for.

Credentialing 101:
The credentialing process is long, ongoing, and requires at the minimum: an application, licenses and DEA, primary source verifications, sanction checks, peer references, malpractice certificates, and existing privileges at other facilities.

Primary users are credential managers or administrative personnel in charge of managing a medical facility's credential files to maintain the facility's compliancy. Prior to automation, they generally use paper files and spreadsheets, which are both time-consuming and prone to human error.

Meet Stacy, the credential manager at a mid-sized asc


Information Architecture

In the original design, the two existing products (medical facilities and doctors) were both shown in the header navigation. Following a card sort with the five current products, it made more sense spatially and organizationally to group all five under a Products bucket.

The separate Pricing page is effective for tracking visitors who may be in the "Decision" stage.


Look and Feel

The redesign was an opportunity to refresh the company's branding. Silversheet did not have a strong brand identity beyond its logo. The original website was a clean and simple design, with solid colors and medical stock images.

To explore stylistic options, I created four variations of the home page hero section that portrayed medical credentialing in a friendly way. Variation D felt the most polished, professional, and symbolic of how the software organizes providers.

Variation A

Variation B

Variation C

Variation D

High-fidelity Design

Visit the Website


It's always exciting to watch a product grow and change as we learn more about our customer's needs. Silversheet started out with automation for credential managers and doctors, and with every design sprint, there have been more features developed to make the process even easier. I enjoyed researching and creating a more accurate representation of the product and services available today.

Working together with the Sales and Marketing teams, I was able to pinpoint what our target users' needs in their professional and personal lives. The personas helped tremendously in focusing on the essential information and incorporating them into the creative vision. I needed to make sure that ALL of our new products and services are accounted for. It is difficult to understand a product when there is no online resource for what you are being sold. Furthermore, I needed to communicate our team's core values across the site: Patients first, trust, authenticity, curiosity, value & impact, and happy team = happy customers.